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  It took me a while to trace this one down too. I have done a RAM Clear 
and Master Reset but it still does it. I have learned to SHUT OFF the 
SAF before powering down. That is the only problem I have found so far. 
But I will check the Line Out also.

  Tnx for the Reply.

On 9/1/2013 1:31 PM, Pfizenmayer wrote:
> I had virtually the same problem but mine was that it shut off the 
> line out audio
> so my RTTY/PSK did not work. Drove me nuts chasing that one down .
> Also once in a while - it would put put a nice clean  1 v pp
> sine wave in audio range out of line out.
> Hank K7HP
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>> Subject: [TenTec] Orion II SAF issue when left on and power down then
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>> I am running version 3.033xa just installed a couple of days ago. I
>> noticed an interested problem with the SAF.
>> If I leave SAF (Main Receiver) on and power down, then bring the Orion
>> II back on I get NO receive audio (mostly just popping noise) on the
>> Main receiver. In order to get the audio to work I must shut off SAF
>> then do a power cycle, it works fine then.
>> As long as I remember to shut off the SAF BEFORE powering off everything
>> works fine.
>> As anyone seen this issue?
>> Not a big deal but it looks like a firmware issue...
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