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John Henry jhenry at tentec.com
Wed Sep 4 09:03:29 EDT 2013

One other item I forgot to mention. When re-reading my posts, I might have
come across as this is not a product for regular hams who want to buy a QRP
rig and have it work and do what they want right out of the box.
This is definitely a good little QRP rig for 40/20 CW for any ham.
Very easy to use, .... Here are the specs from the TEN-TEC web site.

Key Jack: 1/8" Stereo
Power Connector: 2.1 mm coaxial
RF Output Connector: BNC Female
Headphone/Speaker: 1/8" Stereo
Frequency Range: 7.000-7.300 MHz, 14.000-14.350 MHz
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms
DC Power Requirements: 10-15 VDC
Operating Temperature: 0-50 deg. C
Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.0" x 6.0" x 4.0"
Weight: 1.33 lbs
Construction: Painted steel enclosure
RF Power Output: Approximately 5 watts at 13.5 VDC, reduced output at lower
Harmonic & Spurious Output: Meets FCC specifications

current drain in receive is 135-145 milliamps
current drain in transmit is approximately 1.3 depending upon the voltage

So, makes a decent little QRP rig for the non-software developer types as
All for $199, and it is backed by TEN-TEC service.

If you want to add a display, you can for $10 from several on-line vendors,
the code is already done and ready.

Thanks, and 73,
John Henry, KI4JPL
TEN-TEC Engineering

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