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Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
Wed Sep 4 11:03:26 EDT 2013

I agree with John and Al and others on this.  QRP is not for everyone just 
as QRO is not for everyone.  Having been a ham for over 50 years and I've 
worked both and frankly I'm surprised at how well the QRP power level works. 
I've done a lot of beta testing on the Argonaut VI, both physically and on 
the air.  I've yet not make my desired contact with that radio.

As to writing code for a radio, this is a new frontier.  How can anyone 
criticize this venture with first not having experienced it first hand. 
Professionally I had the opportunity and the need to write some code for a 
project. I had previously learned COBOL, DOS Basic, then a different version 
being HP Basic and I had to learn to program in C+.  Frankly, I hated it! 
But if one likes to write code then great, if one doesn't then that's great 
too for there are those that are great in doing so.  A slick C+ or C++ 
programmer is amazing to watch and understand.

I guess my point is this, as to hams wants, their needs, their likes and 
such, the combined quantity likely approaches the number of stars in the 
universe.  That's a lot by the way.  This approach, the Rebel, gives every 
ham that desires such the opportunity to have a totally customized radio of 
their choice. Where as with others from the major companies, you get what's 
in the box and that's it.  Take it or leave it, like it or not.

Just look at the folks that are writing or creating new APPS daily for the 
I-Phones.  It is clearly a new venture thus opening up another world for ham 
radio opportunities.

I believe it is a bold new venture with rewards yet to be realized.  And for 
under $200!

Bob, K4TAX

This is to inform all persons, I am a Tentec Ambassador and I receive
compensation according to the Tentec Ambassador program.  In addition, I
serve as a volunteer beta test person to Tentec for the Omni VII, Eagle
and Argonaut VI radios.  I hold no employment relationship, no financial
interests nor do I conduct any commercial business, direct or indirect,
with Tentec.

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> John,
> I'm with you on this one. While the Rebel is competitive as a QRP rig in 
> its
> own right, I also see it positioned for someone like a young teen neighbor 
> of
> mine who (while I haven't had much time to actually work with him) I would
> describe as a "tinker" type and who has at least expressed a possible
> interest in ham radio AND learning the code. As I think we are all aware, 
> his
> generation is very computer-oriented (I'm thinking of the appeal of 
> tinkering
> with the code in the open source control software), and the price of the
> Rebel is within reach with saving up from lawn mowing or flipping burgers
> part time (or whatever else his generation does to earn income!)
> That being said, (for your end John!) I also could see a future Rebel 
> with front panel/software control switching for say four or six bands....
> 73, Al
> On Wed September 4 2013 7:19:07 am John Henry wrote:
>> PC Anderson,
>> It is ok if it doesn't fit everyone's needs.
>> I look at this new venture like this.
>> 1 - We are trying to draw new blood into the amateur market. The biggest
>> gains in Amateur Radio come in when someone has fresh new ideas, and this
>> will hopefully bring a lot of fresh new ideas into the hobby and into
>> contesting.
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