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Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Thu Sep 5 13:59:50 EDT 2013

Right... but this is for old farts, too!    ;-)

The guys I had lunch with and discussed all sorts of Arduino based gear 
this week are both over 65!  Each of us had something to present to the 
others - I talked about the TT rig and a new antenna analyzer I have, 
and the other guys each had an Arduino project they were working on. 
Chuck is installing remote controls into our 17-site linked repeater 
system, and Mike is building an automatic compass he plans to use to 
beat me at fox hunting (which will, of course, fail...)

So... I think the cool part is that, not only kids, but lots of retired 
programmer type OLD GUYS might take this up.

Some old guys are constantly crying about younger hams don't go under 
the hood to fix their own rigs ... well... Heck... once again guys CAN 
once again go under the hood and build or repair their own rigs, and 
they will be computer based, not older analog sets, as in the old days. 
  It is coming full circle, I guess.  After all, today's larger rigs 
computer based, why not QRP rigs, also?

Parenthetically, all this does nothing for me.  But ham radio is big 
enough for the both of us!

Great fun.
----------------------- K8JHR -----------------

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