Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Thu Sep 5 14:57:04 EDT 2013

Er... um... I sure understand that hangover, Wade.   In my humble, 
personal, subjective, and politically incorrect opinion... Rebel Yell is 
... well... lousy bourbon !

	As for giving my "best" to TenTec owners...
	well not exactly.

MY "best" right now is a rare bottle of ... George T. Stagg ... limited 
production single barrel,  15 years old, uncut, unfiltered, 
barrel-proofed at 142.6 proof, money-is-no-object pricing, Ambrosia 
-Nectar of the Gods quality, Kentucky Bourbon.


OR the experts might say (but don't you believe it) my "best" is an 
equally rare bottle of --- William LaRue Weller ... 12 year 3 month old 
  "wheated" bourbon, also uncut, unfiltered, barrel-proofed at 126.6 
proof, single barrel masterpiece of American craftsmanship and patience.


	So... while I really appreciate the kind words,
	you guys won't exactly be getting my "best" ...

	     ;-)   ;-)

Happy days, and thanks for allowing a moment's diversion off topic... 
although sipping a quality American Product from KY or TN while using 
the finest American Built ham radio gear also from TN... that, seems 
pretty ON-topic to me!  After all, one gets thirsty with all the heat 
from the rigs, amp tubes, power supplies, etc.   You can get pretty dry 
with all that heat. . . .

-----------------K8JHR ---------------------------

On 9/5/2013 2:09 PM, Wade Staggs wrote:
> So, how do we go about winning the Rebel Yell now?  Haven't had a snort of
> the stuff since my 16th Birthday. Which was my First Hang Over. Still
> remember that Headache 52 years later.

All jokes aside, Thanks for stepping up and giving your best
for all Ten Tec Owners. Somebody just beat you to the keyboard.


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