[TenTec] 565 V3.032x5 released on TEN-TEC Website

John Henry jhenry at tentec.com
Tue Sep 10 16:06:19 EDT 2013

It is ready for download.

Be sure you read the release notes for it, 34 items modified.
It will require the usual Master Reset/RAM Clear sequence.
Some default values have changed due to requests from MANY users, so, read
the release notes, and change them back to something else if you prefer.

Let me know if you all find any real interesting items.

This release also addresses an issue Rob Sherwood has been discussing, how
impulse noise can load up the AGC on the 565/566.
Now, when impulse noise comes in (e.g. an electric fence), it will not load
up the AGC, making it hard to copy just after the noise pulse disappears.
With the previous release, the noise pulse may sound as a quick snap, and
then no audio until AGC decay brings back the nominal receive audio.
With the 3.032x5 release, the noise pulse will last longer, could sound
like a scratch or crash (which impulse noise will sound like when NB is not
turned on), but when the impulse noise goes away, the nominal receive audio
is back to the same level it was right before the noise pulse started. If
the sound of the impulse noise is objectionable, then the Noise Blanker
will remove it anyway. That is what the Noise Blanker was intended for, to
remove spurious impulse noise.

If you find anything that needs attention, let me know.
I want to thank the beta team and developers for spending the last several
months hashing through this, I couldn't have made this release without
their help and support and holding my coals to the fire.

The release is located at the TEN-TEC Transceiver Downloads web page, along
with the version history if you want to peruse it before downloading.
Transceiver Download direct link:
scroll down to 565, find "Firmware Ver 3.032x5" on the right hand column,
click to download the installer, then run it, look for a new "Start"
The revision notes are at the same location, middle column, or, I've added
the link here:

Thanks, and 73,
John Henry, KI4JPL
TEN-TEC Engineering

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