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Many thanks for the reply Doug.    It just sounded too good to be true, 
but a good thought at the time.

John de VK2XGJ
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>Over the last couple of years I've been interested in the LF/MF section of
>Amateur Radio on the reception side.    I am now starting to get interested
>in the TX side and having no transmitter I was wondering;

>I have a TT Scout with all modules with the exception of  the 160 m one.
>And seeing that to change QRG bands you simply change a module to 

>Could one of these modules be modified to transmit in the 475 KHz band?

>Are there any circuit to do this?

>Many thanks.

>John de VK2XGJ
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You probably could modify a module for the new LF 475KHz band.

That won't offer you much help.
I'm sure the final amplifier stage, among other stages in the radio, 
wouldn't be able to pass 475KHz. The passband filters probably start cutting 
off the signals below around 1400KHz. Anything below that would never be 
transmitted without extensive reworking of the radio.


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