[TenTec] Corsair II - RX trouble

IV3YNB op. Matteo iv3ynb at yahoo.it
Wed Sep 18 07:55:15 EDT 2013

Hi all:

I have a trouble on my TenTec Corsair II: RX is absent !!!
Once I tried to place a filter (2.4KHz) on the IF board while radio was
powered up (bad bad idea): something went wrong and a short circuit occurred.
RX went out since that. I also smelled smoke from somewhere behind mode knob
or something like that...

I did some troubleshooting and I realized that the filters activation diodes
didn't get positive voltage thru connector number 84. 
If I put 8V on one pin, I get RX alright. So I am trying to follow the schematics backward to see
where the voltage must come from. I only found a 1N4148 diode in short
cicuit on mode selector. Once replaced, the trouble remains.

I'll try again, of course, anyway I am kindly asking you some suggestions:
where should I look at first? Which part of the schematic could be in
trouble? from where exactly comes the voltage for the filters? is it correct to apply 8V or 12V on filters?

Last: I know some PCB code were wrong in the use manual. The manual says one
PCB number, you find the PCB with another number inside the CorsairII. Which
one should I trust?
Thus: is there a chance to get the right schematics from Ten tec, from you
or from someone else, so no doubt will occur while troubleshooting? I mean
the entire Corsair II correct chematics.


thank you in advance for your help
Matteo IV3YNB

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