[TenTec] The memory keyer in my Orion still cuts off the first dash of the K at the front of my call. I've tried several suggestions but none work. I'm running the 3.0X software. Any other thoughts?

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sat Sep 21 15:44:53 EDT 2013

On 9/21/2013 12:09 PM, Bob McGraw - K4TAX wrote:
> I have had to add some characters in front of a data string to allow 
> one of the radios for another application to key up and start 
> transmitting.
> Now that being the case, as your configuration drops the first dash of 
> your call, why not add a "T" in front of your call.  It would then 
> drop the "T" and send your call.
> TK2XN.   If the "T" is missing then K2XN would be legally transmitted.

There's a far better cure, and which Ten Tec has used since the Omni A. 
The cure is to activate  the PTT relay 8-10 msec before sending RF. In 
other words, delay RF by 8-10 msec. As I recall, that pre-TX keying 
signal is called the "T-line" in that older gear. In some newer Ten Tec 
gear you have to go in and find it, then bring it out to the rear panel. 
I think I had to do that in my Omni V.  The delay is built into many 
other rigs, like the TS-850, FT-1000-series, K2, and K3. In the 
FT1000-series and the K3, the delay is adjustable via a menu. In the 850 
and K2, it's fixed at something like 8-10 msec. I've successfully used 
an 850, MP, and K3 to key my Titan, Herc II, and Herc I (long ago sold). 
And it's even fast enough to follow QSK up to about 25 wpm. At faster 
speeds the CW elements get too short.

73, Jim K9YC

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