[TenTec] OMNI V Flouresent Display Problem and Fix

Donald, K6RV K6RV at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 23 16:05:19 EDT 2013

I have a Ten-Tec OMNI V that I resurrected and everything works except 
the far left digit on the display was always on -  even when only 6 of 
the 7 digits on the display should be on, as on 1.8, 3.5, 7 Mhz.  I 
assumed it was a problem on the Display Driver Board, which plugs in 
right behind the digital display.

I called Ten-Tec Service and talked to Gary Green, who is the OMNI V 
"Guru".  He immediately said: cut 3/16" off of the top 3 pins on the 
left side connector of the Driver Display Board (as you look from the 
front and top of the radio), and that will fix it.  I just pulled the 
left connector out a bit from the top and VOILA - left display digit 
went out ! When Band switched to the bands where it should be on, it is 
!  Problem Solved !  I will take the front panel off, pull out the board 
and clip the top 3 pins as Gary instructed. It appears that the pins are 
too long and go throughinto the circuitry of the Flourescent Display 
Board and short something.

Another example of the great service from Ten-Tec. And it cost me $0 to 
fix.  I told Gary that we are lucky he is the resident Ten-Tec repair 
Genius and I hope he lives and works there forever ! - At least for my 
lifetime !

73, Donald K6RV

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