[TenTec] Re Ten-Tec Hamfest

Jim Miller K4SQR k4sqr at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 30 09:06:27 EDT 2013

The only new product I saw was the #278 automatic antenna tuner, rated 
at 100 watts.
It was under the small all band amplifier for the Argo VI & I nearly 
walked away without examining it
due to its tiny size.  No other details were available except estimated 
price of $299.95? No brochures
Big crowd; largest yet with the flea market expanding further in 3 
directions this year. Many many oldie but
goodie rigs ie Drake C-line, Drake 7-line, Kenwood 940's, FT-1000's 
Heath Kit etc.
Great WX both days for Ten-Tec's number 14 years of hamfest..
Then on to SEDCO convention, now known as W4DXCC, which was also largest 
in attendance, with many great topic speakers.

No talk on a replacement for the Orion II. They sold two _used _O-2's 
Friday afternoon, and a third _used _O-2 was in the display
case Saturday morning, with hamfest reduced price of $3K, $350. less 
than regular price. Saw a used Centurion Gray
color amplifier, reduced to $1750. hamfest price. That is all I recall 
for now.


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