[TenTec] I'm impressed

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Wed Dec 3 01:28:58 EST 2014

Way cool.   You are fairly close to TT HQ -- in contrast, it cost me 
closer to $40 to ship an Omni VII from Michigan there.   I am glad you 
don't have to pay as much!

I shipped my Centurion and tubes to TT HQ a month ago, and it cost over 
$70 !  Ouch.  The repair bill was ... er... um...[hard swallow] 
reasonable... but expensive to ship and fix.

Turn-around was reasonable, not quite three weeks, but ... oops,... they 
forgot to return my tubes with the rig, so I waited several more days 
for them to arrive.  The repair seems right, but they missed replacing 
one of the case screws.  These are both things that can happen in any 
human operation, and TT was super apologetic about it - and promptly 
shipped the tubes once cued about it.   So, I am feeling OK about the 
experience.  Not a bad result considering the recent move to new digs.   
I am SURE they are still trying to settle in and get everything 
organized.   I recently re-organized my shack, and that took me several 
days to complete, so I can imagine how complicated and time-consuming 
moving an entire business is - especially if you are trying to keep it 
open at the same time.

Happy days, Art.   I hope your repair is quick and cheap.

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On 12/2/2014 9:57 PM, art N4UC wrote:
> I shipped my Orion to TenTec via UPS Ground yesterday.   [and] paid only $27.49!



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