[TenTec] Model 564, Omni VI Plus

Jim Carragher k7ikn2 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 18:57:12 EST 2014

Give yourself a gift for Christmas. An Omni VI Plus, with 5 filters,
original manual, 961 power supply/speaker w/ cable and mic. I purchased
this radio, supply, and mic from the factory, January 2005, used.  No smoke
or scratches. Lightly used, works and looks great.  $ 1000.00.    Reason
for selling, I bought a new Omni VII.    .

Also I have a 301 remote, $ 80.00.
One more item. New, Ten Tec Model 1251 RF Ground Counterpoise.. Never
assembled or unwrapped.

If interested in any item please contact me off list.   Jim

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