[TenTec] Playing with Eagle, adding a pan display and/or second receiver to the 9MHz tap.

Katz Ajamas ajamas.rn at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 13:14:49 EST 2014

Has anyone done this?

I've been playing with my new Eagle and am considering the addition of an
Afedri board, http://www.afedri-sdr.com, to use with the PeeCee and SDR
software for a panaromic display, second receiver, etc.

When the Eagle was new, Ten Tec published a modification for tapping the
receive signal between the low pass filter board and the preselector board.
Attaching the board here will let me tune anything below the LP filter that
is selected subject to additional filtering by the tuned circuits...antenna
matching network and antenna.

When my radio arrived, it came with a tap to the 9MHz IF. "15db below
carrier at the antenna....50 Ohm". This appears to be at the noise
blanker.  Because the Afedri board only has a 30MHz low pass filter, I was
thinking of connecting it here to take advantage of the Eagles filters.

I will want to add an attenuator/amplifier between the Eagle and this board
and use the T/R signal to switch it.

Ideas? Comments?

Slowly getting the W4 shack together around my first new radio in 35 years
and following 6 years of very low(once or twice a month) ham activity!

Still have a lot to do.

-Bob ah7i/w4

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