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Thu Dec 4 21:26:47 EST 2014

*Being Ex Military, the original Rambo Movie just drives me CRAZY. The part
where he rams a Fiberglass LAW ( Rocket Launcher ) Through a Plexiglas
Helicopter Bubble and you hear Glass Break. Rambo, then fires the weapon
from the Pilots Seat and doesn't Kill any of the Rescued POW's in the back
of the Chopper. This even though we were taught that the Back Blast from
that weapon is Deadly for several Meters behind the weapon. But, the really
good one for me was The A Team. They must have fired several thousand
rounds of ammo in each episode but, nobody ever got shot. hi .. hi ..*


On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 5:51 PM, K3GHH <k3ghh at arrl.net> wrote:

> This is almost as OT as they get, so OT foes, hit Delete immediately!
> Is anyone else in our group bugged by the Progresso soup TV ad that
> features a tin-can "telephone"? Surely some of you, like me, built and
> tried one as kids. The Progresso ad has the string hanging loose and
> immediately taking a 90-degree turn when it emerges from the bottom of the
> soup can. This probably wouldn't bug me so much if a friend and I hadn't
> been semi-successful with a string and tin can "telephone" back in the
> 1950s, so I know how they work, and it's not like that!
> I actually emailed Progresso and explained that its ad men could not
> possibly have ever used such a "telephone," but have not heard back (yet).
> --John K3GHH
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