[TenTec] TenTec Digest, Vol 144, Issue 7

Katz Ajamas ajamas.rn at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 18:48:12 EST 2014


Hey! Thanks. How did you end up with just the top?
Is it the same as the bottom, minus the feet?
Do you know where the bottom is?

I'll try to post a photo of what I have sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Maybe you can identify other missing stuff.

I've been working on antenna all day today. Getting old rope moving enough
to pull the new wire up.
Left with wire on the ground, wrapped around two trees, because sun would
not wait.


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> I have the top for the orion.
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> Subject: [TenTec] Looking for Orion enclosure...
> If anyone has or gets wind of an unrepairable 565 or 566, I can use the
> enclosure snd some of the mon electrical bits inside. This to complete the
> hamfest basket case 565.
> Thanks!
> 73, Bob ah7i/w4

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