[TenTec] TS590SG Sherwood numbers = Orion

Don Rasmussen via TenTec tentec at contesting.com
Thu Dec 11 01:12:34 EST 2014

Duane it seems like everyone wants to be enjoying the new and exciting trends. 
Ten Tec was at the forefront of broadband PA in solid state analog amateur radio design when it was mostly unheard of and stayed at the forefront for so many years. 

After Orion I would envision an offering from Ten Tec similar to the new Flex Signature Series. But with classic TT QSK and better gain distribution as always. Signature has more in the transceiver box and less in the PC so the latency, CPU taxing, and excessive hardware/software tweaking are greatly reduced.

In the tradition the Ten Tec would also cost more - hi. But hams on the list and elsewhere would help to design it.

Speaking of trends, one exciting thing we are testing on the Softrock SDR group is the ability for an SDR radio at one location to live stream the segment of the band it is looking at to the internet. 

Not streaming 3 Khz of audio, but streaming a whole band segment out in real time. One of these is up and running from Singapore right now and I am enjoying operating my SDR here as if I am there myself. I am listening to 40m night time CW during the day in SoCal, At first it seems weird but is really fun. 

Anyway, when participation ramps up and everyone sets their data stream to active when they sleep or leave the station, many hams will be less dependent on their local propagation. 

That and other stuff on the horizon - would like to see that TT is still pushing the envelope...


 Well, let me clarify a couple of points - I loved my Orion.  It still worked perfectly the day I sold it, a few months ago.  I didn't sell it because I thought it was no longer useful or a terrific radio.  But, instead, I have grown disenchanted with the radio hobby and have hardly been on in the last 4-5 years.  I've been looking for something to "push" me to do something different 
and get re-emerged. 

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