[TenTec] TS590SG Sherwood numbers = Orion

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Fri Dec 12 18:13:28 EST 2014

I enjoyed my TS-590, but I sold it and kept the Omni VII, which I find 
easier and quicker to operate.  I also prefer the RF-GAIN control on the 
Omni VII over the 590s RF Gain control - it is easier to dial in the 
quiet sweet quiet  spot.  Receivers on both radios are good.

The ham market seems fairly lively these days.  I think it is good there 
is so much product development from so many manufacturers in this 
difficult economy.  Instead of folding, the various players are moving 
ahead and trying new designs.   My Omni VII and Orion II are both rock 
solid, but I did enjoy the TS-590 and I recently purchased another Brand 
X rig I like using.   Heck ... just five years ago, many hams predicted 
Kenwood was finished, but it has roared to life over the past three to 
four years.    Yaesu continues to release new models.   Flex has a whole 
new fleet.  Elecraft expanded its line on a fairly regular basis, first 
an amp, then a portable rig,  then a remote head,  the tuner,  PX3... 
and some other stuff.  The Apache guys have new rigs out.  Icom is due 
for a new release.   Alinco tried a new HF rig a year or so ago.  The 
SDR receiver crowd has some new offerings.  Lots of new Chinese HTs and 
HF QRP rigs coming to market.   ACOM and OM Power have new amps 
available.  TenTec has released its Arduino based open source QRP stuff, 
and released the Argonaut VI not too long ago.

The jam market is seems alive and well with new offerings from all 
over.   I am anxiously awaiting TenTec's next big product release. I 
hope it is something I will want.  The  Arduino rigs are interesting, 
but not my style.

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On 12/12/2014 12:16 PM, Don Jones wrote:
> I dumped a TS590S because of the ALC transmit issue on SSB.
> On CW, the TS590S was better than my OMNI VI with INRAD 600Hz Roofing 
> Filter and a full compliment of TT filters.
> Since then I picked up a KX3 and it's receiver is very much better 
> than my 6.
> My Omni VI is about to go down the road.
> Just my $.02.
> Don KO7i
> On 12/10/2014 8:04 PM, Billy Cox wrote:
>> Well stated Al, so let's hear what TT has that is even better!
>> There are no perfect radios, TT or otherwise, but there will be
>> newer radios, and hopefully better radios in the future.
>> Considering the recent work of K9YC, will the new TT gear be even
>> "cleaner" on transmit, I would hope that to be true too.
>> The Orion and Orion II are gone, what will be the TT replacement
>> for this specific market segment? (Will there be a replacement?)
>> Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,
>> 73 de Billy, AA4NU
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Al Gulseth" <wb5jnc at centurytel.net>
>> I think it's good to discuss this as a "real world" exercise in 
>> knowing what
>> the competition is doing. To sell a radio to a non-brand loyal ham, 
>> TT has to
>> be aware of things like Sherwood's chart in terms of design, pricing, 
>> etc.
>> Just my $0.02 worth.
>> 73, Al
>>   On Wed December 10 2014 7:09:10 pm Carl Moreschi wrote:
>>> Why is the Kenwood radio being discussed on this forum?
>>> Carl Moreschi N4PY
>>> 58 Hogwood Rd
>>> Louisburg, NC 27549
>>> www.n4py.com
>>> On 12/10/2014 7:25 PM, Don Rasmussen via TenTec wrote:
>>>> I read the upconversion is on 10m and 12m, also anytime the selected
>>>> bandwidth is>2.7Khz. But - it does not have a second receiver or dual
>>>> watch.
>>>> SG includes roofing filters. Probably a good value and a hassle free
>>>> setup for guys that might find themselves on a contest band but  not
>>>> contesting themselves...
>>>> ================================
>>>> On the WARC bands and 10M, the Kenwood rx uses upconversion and
>>>> performance isn't close to the Orion. Barry N1EU
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