[TenTec] NB verses NR

Peter Bertini radioconnection at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 14:20:37 EST 2014

The problem with placing two filters directly in series is, you will drop
about 6dB of gain, assuming they are narrow filters.  This needs to be
compensated for with a low gain, low distortion amp.  I also used two 9 MHz
filters in series with my old Argonaut 509; I replaced the original 4-pole
xtal filter with an 8-pole KVG XF-9B, then placed a 6-pole 500 Hz Yaesu
filter behind it. The signals I could no longer hear due to the additional
insertion loss were too weak to work anyway with only 5w.*

Rick,  I am not sure what you are saying here... as I mentioned, I
have two of the Inrad Omni VI roofing boards installed.  Only ONE is
active at a time--the SSB filter, or the CW filter when the N1 option
is selected. Both filter boards are never active at the same time.

If having one Inrad board inline is causing excessive losses, I have
never seen any reviews that advise against using the Inrad roofing
filter kits.

I do understand that the improved skirts will cause ringing on noise
impulses, but I am living with that problem. Hopefully one day I'll be
able to upgrade to an Omni Plus or Orion... I'm waiting for TT to come
up with a super radio and I am hoping the market becomes flooded with


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