[TenTec] Omni VI+ Transmit Problem on 30 and 40 Meters

Zskinz, Inc r.zoerb at live.com
Fri Dec 19 19:27:18 EST 2014

All other bands are normal in RX and RX. On 30 and 40 Meters, the RX is normal but no output on transmit. The ALC light works as normal but no RF output. 

I have been looking through the Operator’s Manual for the Omni VI+ and find the “Low Pass Filter Board” and “Front End Board” both have some common circuitry for the 30 and 40 meter bands so thinking this is where to look first.  Is this the best approach?

Any suggestions on where to look and what to look for would be appreciated. 

73  Ron  KI0II

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