[TenTec] FS: Ten Tec Omni VI Option 3 / Inrad Mods-filters

Rafael A. Peña pinoleronica at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 23 12:39:36 EST 2014

Ten Tec Omni VI HF Transceiver

Model 563 Factory Installed Option 3


Excellent shape mechanically and



Inrad Filters installed =

9 Mhz IF - 1ST IF

Omni VI Roofing Filter Mod         

Inrad #763 -   600 Hz 9000.75 kHz 

CW 4-pole crystal filter  


Inrad #759 -   400 Hz 9000.75 kHz 

CW 8-pole crystal filter 


6.3 Mhz IF - 2ND IF:


Inrad #751 -  250 Hz 6299.25 kHz 

CW 8-pole crystal filter                                  


Inrad #750 -  400 Hz 6299.25 kHz 

CW 8-pole crystal filter  


Inrad SSB Audio Mod

Omni VI Receive Audio Mod

Replaced OEM Standard #754 - 2800

Hz 9001.5 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal

filter 6 MHz with:


Inrad #755 - 2800 Hz 6298.5 kHz 

SSB 8-pole crystal filter 



I prepared this radio for CW as I

am into contesting.  I have used

it for a few months and really

enjoyed its performance with the

mods applied.


I had sent for the OMNI VII and

the Orion, as well, and need to

let this jewel find another home.  

You won\'t be disappointed if you

are a CW enthusiast, contester or



The radio is currently connected

to my station as seen on the pics

/ video link
..  http://1drv.ms/1xdQwV7


Power cable and documentation will be included.   There is not 



It will be packed properly and

sent to your CONUS QTH for $1,300

(split shipping).   If you are in DC area, come over and take a test


Personal checks, USPS Money Order

preferred...avoid PPal fees.


Please write off list @   pinoleronica at hotmail.com (Rafael – NN3RP)


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