[TenTec] Eagle 9MHz tap questions.

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Tue Dec 23 18:12:54 EST 2014

Hi Rick -- a few thoughts:

1)  Why not use a FunkAmateur FiFi  for the second receiver ?  If you 
wanna try mine, I will mail it to you right away!   Mine is one of the 
later models with  a preselector - and we all know you like 
preselectors!    ;-)    Really... just ask and it will be on its way.

2)  While I see value in using a panadapter on occasion, I honestly do 
anticipate you will like it terribly much, or suspect it will be a 
particularly good fit with our operating style.  I am NOT picking a 
fight or poking fun or being critical - just saying I don't think you 
will be too excited about in the long run.

3)  In any case, Carl's program handles it all well enough, better (I 
think) than using the LPB2 bridge program to broker data between 
applications and devices.  (Cue Carl to curtsy now...)

4)  I also anticipate you would prefer the 9 kHz tap over merely sharing 
the receiver input with a Y-adapter, because the 9 kHz tap allows the 
second receiver device to monitor and display what is happening at that 
point within the Eagle's own receiver, rather than serving as a second 
receiver to monitor the band in parallel with the Eagle.   Heck, if that 
is all you wanted, you might be better off running the second receiver 
on its own stealthy antenna and simply coordinating the two rigs with 
Carl's program.   Idid that with a TenTec RX-320D with  good results.   
As a band scope, that works swell.   But I suspect you would prefer to 
monitor the Eagle's own internal activity, not provide just a parallel 
receiver display for checking band conditions.

Happy days, OM.

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On 12/23/2014 9:33 AM, Carl Moreschi wrote:
>  . Again my software will talk to HDSDR and keep everything in sync.

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