[TenTec] Orion II Firmware Question

Billy Cox aa4nu at comcast.net
Wed Dec 24 15:13:29 EST 2014

Hi Dave, and Merry Christmas!

"XD" is working fine here and has for some time.

73 es HNY de Billy, AA4NU

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From: "David and Dianne on Comcast" <dhhdeh at comcast.net>

I recently acquired an Orion II that is running 
firmware version 3.033xa. I am learning to love 
this radio more each day.

I note from the TT web site that firmware version 
3.033xd is more current.  It is dated July 2013. 
Its release notes are very brief stating it 
addresses AGC impulse issues (which were a major 
detraction on the two Omni VII's that I have owned 
and no longer do).

I cannot find any discussion of this "xd" release 
on the TT reflector from around the July 2013 date 
+/- or on the Yahoo Orion group. Perhaps it was 
released at an earlier time(?).

Is the 3.033xd upgrade for the Orion II worth it 
and more importantly does it introduce any 
unwanted anomalies in the process?

Opinions on or off the list would be appreciated.

73 de N1LQ-Dave

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