[TenTec] How to Choose an SDR RX for the Pan-Adapter?

Martin Sole (HS0ZED) martin at hs0zed.com
Thu Dec 25 08:40:54 EST 2014

I think in that regard the software plays as big a part as the hardware, 
so your choice of software will possibly govern what you can or want to 
do. Fortunately most are free so you can try or use several. Perhaps 
fiddling with the various bits of software might give you some insight 
into what you would like to achieve and the likely ability to do so. 
Then spec your hardware to suit.

Martin, HS0ZED

On 25/12/2014 14:16, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:
> In fact it would help even more if I knew what I want out of a panadapter!
> (hi)
> Probably the most interesting use would be to see the transmitted spectrum
> of stations on the band.
> If I hear broad splatter, it would be nice to easily see where its coming
> from and see just how broad it is, compared to other signals.  Same for key
> clicks.
> It would be nice to look at my own signal and see how broad it is, if it is
> flat topping on peaks, etc.
> Looking for empty frequencies to call CQ on is not very high on my list of
> needs.
> Watching boring waterfalls is not high on my list either.
> But you bring up an excellent point, Barry.
> I don't even know what all it can do.
> I would like to see a features list showing all of the uses of a
> pan-adaptor.
> I don't need a big explanation for each, I just would like to see a list of
> things one can do with a pan-adapter.
> If I understood Jim correctly, you need a pretty expensive solution in order
> to be able to make accurate measurements with it.  He indicated he can do
> that on his K3 with Elecraft pan-adapter.  That's not on the plan here for
> the moment.
> Thank you for the comment.
> 73 - Rick, DJ0IP
> (Nr. Frankfurt am Main)
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> Rick, I think it would help if folks knew what precisely you want out of the
> panadapter.  They potentially offer lots of bells and whistles, but
> many/most might not be of interest to YOU.
> 73, Barry N1EU
> On Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 10:30 AM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP <Rick at dj0ip.de>
> wrote:
>> This topic in similar form has been covered in many different threads
>> here and in the other TT groups.
>> I want to add an external pan-adaptor to my older Eagle.  My Eagle has
>> no 9 MHz out and also has no TMP jack on the filter board for tapping
>> into the IF.
>> 'Specific information' about how to compare the technology of the
>> various receiver candidates.
>> Comments like: "I've had good luck with XYZ".
>> Besides being an almost useless comment, we've read those types of
>> comments multiple times already.
>> Although my Eagle has no easy provision for 9 MHz out, it does have
>> the 2-jack mod which routes the transmitting antenna out the back
>> panel, AFTER the signals have passed through the Eagles RX BPF's.  I
>> suppose this eliminates the need for BPFs in the External RX, but it
>> is probably better to have them anyway, so that I can also use the RX as a
> stand-alone.
>> My personal interests stop at 30 MHz, but in the interest of
>> completeness and learning, if there are benefits in the various
>> technologies above that, say up to 70cm, then please share them with us
> too.
>> It will be FAR EASIER for me to simply use the ANT OUT line on my
>> Eagle than trying to tap into the 9 MHz.
>> I'm not afraid of using a soldering iron, but the Eagle is very tiny
>> and my eyesight is very poor.
>> Unless there are some darn good arguments for an IF connection, I will
>> use the ANT OUT.
>> Remember, I wish to do this on a shoestring budget, but maximize my
>> bangs for the buck.
>> I have read suggestions for:
>> * Softrock Ensemble III
>> * FiFi  (a German RX costing abt. $165 in kit form)
>> * SDR-4 (an English RX costing abt. $300)
>> * LP-Pan
>> * Fun Cube
>> * Watson W-SDRX1 (my own suggestion; is also available locally under
>> another name for $110)
>> How do I compare and evaluate these candidates?
>> I am interested in things like on-board technology, and ease of
>> implementation.
>> I wish to keep it simple and I have zero interest in installing Ham
>> Radio Deluxe or any similar over-kill product.
>> I do have N4PY control software for my Eagle.
>> Though I'm looking for a cheap solution, I am not looking for the
>> cheapest solution.  If I can get advantages for spending an extra $50,
>> then I would probably do that.
>> Thanks in advance for technical information on this topic.
>> 73 - Rick, DJ0IP
>> (Nr. Frankfurt am Main)
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