[TenTec] Pan-adapter uses.

Gary - AB9M glhuber at msn.com
Thu Dec 25 21:45:23 EST 2014

I also use the SDR panadapter as a visual tuning reference; many operators 
like to tune stations in for a soprano voice and as a result they are 200 Hz 
to 400 Hz off frequency. Or they try to tune in a signal with a lot of highs 
and not much bass as a bass sounding operator. As a result they call off 
frequency with little success. I tune for a visual 200-300 Hz low end 
(audio) rolloff on the panadapter indicated passband on phone. On CW I tune 
to the CF of the indicated passband on CW (using my CW offset). It works for 
me, YMMV!

73 & DX,

Gary - AB9M
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Well I did ask.

Yes, I guess it would show some blips on 10m in the morning.
I do it a different way; IMO, a better way.
I simply check DXheat or DXsummit, set the filter for 10m and not only see
"if" something is going on, I also see "who" is on the band.

"Seeing" weak guys in a contest does not help one iota. "Hearing them" helps
and I do that with my eyes closed.  They are useless to me until I have
identified them.  Often, the weak ones are already in the band map. Or I
have already worked them.  So I have to listen anyway.

To be honest, if the band is so week that I need a crutch like that, I go to
a different band.  There are 5 other bands to choose from.
I won't waste my time trying to work weak ones unless they are a multiplier
AND I feel they won't be louder at some other time of the day.  In order to
do that, I have to know who they are and my band map tells me that most of
the time.  The band scope does not tell me who it is or if he's even
participating in the contest, or if I have worked him before... etc.

Chasing DX is a different story, but in a contest, there are no bonus points
for working rare one.  A multiplier is a multiplier.  Poland counts just as
much as Navassa or Spratley.

Let's say I see it's a BY from China and he is way down in the mud.
I know that in 4 or 5 hours he'll be 59(9) because propagation will be
better then.
I'm not going to waste my time trying to call him now.  I move to another
band with more activity.

But I am adding both of your points to my list; tnx.
They are things one might do with a pan-adapter.

When my list is done, then we can take another look and see when it is
helpful to have the pan-adapter.
So far the really interesting things I have heard and would indeed do, are
things that I would not do during a contest.

So I'm not saying no to the pan-adapter, I'm just saying that so far nobody
except Gary has pointed out any benefit in a contest for this.  But Gary's
plan is complex, and requires a lot more hardware and software.  I question
just how much more benefit it would bring over the band map I currently use.

A few people say they use it to find a clear spot to call CQ.  Unless you
have implemented Gary's method, then I say nonsense.  Just because you don't
hear or see anything on the scope doesn't mean it is a clear frequency.
It may very well be the run frequency of K3LR whom you cannot hear.  One
thing is certain, you don't want to call CQ on the same frequency as K3LR,
or W3LPL, etc.  The band map shows me where those guys are at and I avoid
their QRG.

Tomorrow I'll summarize all of the answers I have received.

73 - Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt am Main)

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Watch the whole band at once to see what's up. Say you get up in the AM and
wonder what's up on 10m look at pan and you'll see those two signals without
tuning the whole band.
Contest. See the weak guys and go after them before propagation changes
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