[TenTec] Omni VII knobs

Vic Klein vhklein at ptd.net
Fri Dec 26 09:11:24 EST 2014

OK, finally got the new Omni VII that I've been waiting for. Alas, in the
first few hours of learning how to use it, one of the knobs (PBT/BW) fell
off! I believe the setscrew must have been set on some area other than the
flat of the shaft, and now although it slips right on, I cannot push the
knob to change functions as the knob pushes all the way down to the panel.
Looking in the knob I can see the end of a set screw, but no opening on the
outside. Does the "ring" around the base of the knob come off in some
fashion? Do I use one of the 3 tools TT sent with the rig? Any help would be

BTW, not really a fan of these knobs. They do not have the nice look of the
ones with the metal ring at the base and all of the encoder shafts wobble


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