[TenTec] Eagle and FiveDash Ensemble II ?

David Perrin dbperrin at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 08:40:45 EST 2014

Hi All-
 Finding the tap point i the Eagle was pretty straight forward, now the
next question: The software.
 Each time I try to load the USB drivers the program let'd me pick a
shorter, easier boot load that will then load - the DG8SAQ-12C . Under the
DG8SAQ-12C Properties it then shows... not the DG8SAQ-12C firmware
properties hardware but a boot loader for the Rockmite 40, which Ihad used
some years ago.
 So, my question is: Is the Ensemble II software the same as for the
Rockmite? It doesn't work for me, but I cannot get any other loader program
to show up for the Ensemble II device.
 Any ideas?

73 de Dave, K1OPQ

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