[TenTec] 9 MHz tap on EAGLE... and then.....

David Perrin dbperrin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 08:43:02 EST 2014

	Reading what had been posted on the topic of locating a 9 MHz tap on an older EAGLE I opened up my EAGLE to investigate.  What I found on the left side of the rig was a small pc board mounted by one screw on a vertically positioned shield. There are two mini-coax cables running to it. 
	As you look at the board (mounted) I soldered a mini coax cable to the “top” coax connector. Then I was able to run that coax along that shield for the length of that pcbd and towards the rear panel. A small hole was drilled in the rear panel to feed that coax out the rear. I took a few pictures if you’re interested- email me.
	In a related issue, my problem now is to get  software to work with it. After loading the Ensemble II software it keys me to use the easier fast load of the required files. I haven’t been able to bring up the DAQ file for the Ensemble II once the loading program has been loaded, it keeps reverting to an earlier file that was used a few years ago with the Raocmite40 receiver. 
	What software is proven to work with the Ensemble II? 

73 de Dave, K1OPQ

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