[TenTec] 9 MHz tap on EAGLE... and then.....

Peter Bertini radioconnection at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 23:35:21 EST 2014

Well, I must be out to lunch, but this is topic asking about a 9 MHz tap on
an Eagle.

If the topic is about adding a full SDR receiver, capable of providing CW
skimmer operations over several band segments, I don't understand why the
topic specifies a 9-MHz tap.  That would require a good quality splitter,
after the T/R switch, on the 50 ohm input feeding the receiver section.
You'd also have to put up with perhaps 4 dB of loss, which might affect the
noise floor on 10 meters.

I'll be using a tap after the first mixer on my Omni VI, to provide a 9 MHz
tap via a Clifton Labs buffer amplifier. That will drive a LP-Pan with  a
192 kHz soundcard, which will provide full coverage on most of the HF bands
for either CW or SSB.  The LP-Pan adapter is a fixed frequency SDR receiver
in its own right.


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