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geoffrey mendelson geoffreymendelson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 01:06:04 EST 2014

On 12/30/2014 7:57 AM, Richards wrote:
> Your comments reinforce JB's suggestion to visit the ARRL Antenna 
> Book, and perhaps the ARRL Handbook, and maybe research additional 
> books on wire antennas.  There are several web sites devoted to this 
> type of antenna.  One operator who who regularly checks into my Brand 
> X radio owner's net has a lovely 80m loop and he has done a lot of 
> research on that type of antenna.  It seems worthy of serious study, 
> and surely there is more to it than one might learn from a few brief, 
> well said answers from the helpful volunteers on this list.  From 
> Peter's comments, it appears manifest getting it right could have 
> significant benefits, and getting it wrong could present serious 
> problems.
Here's a good start, the 1974 version available for free, legally to 
read online or download:



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