[TenTec] Pepe's Question on Eagle Pan-Adapter connections

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STOP PEPE.  YES, most likely you are doing something terribly wrong.

First of all I have changed the title.

Pepe, there are two completely different mods we can do to the Eagle.
One requires a single RCA Phono connection on the back panel, the other requires using both connectors.

The single connector mod is for running the 9 MHz out the back of the radio.
Take a look at your if filter board.  Directly beside the Xtal filters you will find an unused TMP jack.
This is the 9 MHz tap inside the newer Eagles.  If all you want is to run the 9 MHz out the back, connect your TMP cable to this jack and soldeer the other end to one of the RCA Phono Jacks.

The 2-jack mod is totally different.  It does not work with 9 MHz.
Instead it interrupts the antenna line (inside the radio) between the T/R relay and the RX input.  Its purpose is to enable inserting an external pre-selector or noise cancellor (such as the ANC-4) in the antenna line BEFORE the signal passes on to the Eagle's RX.  This mod is described in detail in the Eagle download section on Ten-Tec web. 

The interesting thing is, you can connect an external pan-adapter receiver using either of these two solutions, BUT with the single jack (9MHz) connection you need an SDR designed to work on one specific frequency (9 MHz), and on the dual-jack mod, you need an SDR that is a full receiver.  In addition you will need radio control software for the Eagle that is capable of keeping the SDR synced with the Eagle (i.e. N4PY Software).


73 - Rick, DJ0IP
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I purchased an Eagle about two+ years ago.   (BTW a great receiver!)  BUT-- Included were 2 “RCA” type female connectors and pre drilled holes for their installation.   Also included were two 24” cables  terminated with TMP male plugs but not connected to the radio.

The documentation included did not match my radio and and the included addendum in the manual mentioned that these parts were included implying that they were indeed connected and what AUX 2 was for but as already stated the cables were not connected to anything.   I soldered the cables to the RCA female connectors and picked up the documentation included separately but found that it did not correspond to my radio so I left the cables with the two TMP plugs inside.   

Recently I revisited the issue and saw two unused female TMP sockets on two different boards (didn’t make note on which boards they were on - would have to reopen the case again to identify them.    I connected one plug to one and the other to the other available connector.  How can I find out if I did it right or something terribly wrong?? 

Would eventually like to add a pan-adapter with a band display but will need y’all's assistance to accomplish it.

Thanks for your help.

73 de Pepe, WP3HW

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> Does anyone have up to date schematic showing tap.?
> I put an inquiry into Ten-Tec to get the latest schematics available 
> online.  I got a reply, and they are checking on it.
> -Eric
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> Eric-
Thanks! I'd have dug in for a look by now if not recovering from rotator cuff repairs.
73, Bob AH7I/W4
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