[TenTec] Antenna help

Peter Bertini radioconnection at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 11:32:47 EST 2014

*What were you running Pete, 50 KW?   ;-)
Give us some more information on your setup there.*

A very modest setup...  Omni VI or Paragon II driving a highly
modified SB-220, through a Dentron tuner.

I hit a very bad combination of feedline lengths and coax lengths
between the antenna, outdoor mounted DX Engineering balun and the

It really is best to have some idea of what is going on regarding the
electrical length of the various feedlines and at the antenna
feedpoint. Whether you are running 50 watts or 1.5 kW,  the losses are
the same, although the pyrotechnics are missing at QRP level. The coax
losses can be appreciable as well.


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