[TenTec] Pepe's Question on Eagle Pan-Adapter connections

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Wed Dec 31 01:06:18 EST 2014

The TT Omni VII has just such a crude, but useful band scope... ;-)

OR... run N4PY software and get one that works really swell, plus the 
N4PY program is good at brokering rig frequency, band, mode, etc., data 
to other programs and to shack accessories like auto tuners.

I have played with several SDRs and panadapter rigs/programs, and oddly 
enough... the N4PY band scope is extremely simple, clear, and you can 
easily and quickly tune to a station "blip"  using it.  I rather prefer 
using his band scope to most of the SDR and panadapter screen 
programs.   My only wish is for Carl to allow us to resize that window, 
in the same way as we can re-size the main radio control window - It can 
maintain the same resolution, but it would be really slick we could make 
it bigger on the computer screen.  Hey Carl ...  It's a new year... 
maybe this year...?   Uh... maybe...?    ;-)

Anyway, the point is you can get a fairly good band scope for your 
existing rig this way, and other useful functionality as well.

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On 12/30/2014 10:36 PM, Jose F Ballester wrote:

do, or better, purchase a radio with the built in hardware to be able to “see” whats going on...

  Used to have an Icom that had a crude but in some ways helpful 
bandscope and got used to having it.


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