[TenTec] Bungees

Tom Pennebaker n4rs at iamotelephone.com
Wed Dec 31 13:26:44 EST 2014

Not so, if you go to a Truck Stop and but the Good Tarp Straps they will last a long time. As a one time truck driver I would hate to think that the tarp on my flat bed trailer is going to crumble
In the winter. Drivers use them year round.
  I have the center balun of my 160/ 80 meter trap inverted V suspended on a yard arm from the top of my 70' tower with one  and have a Bungee on each end tied to the trees. Great to absorb the effects of wind. This antenna has been up at least 5 yrs.
I agree in one sense do not buy so called BUNGEE CORDS at the local hardware store and expect them to last very long.
73's  Andy, W3LI

You are comparing apples and oranges. The ones you use are solid rubber and tough. You see them laying on the road now and then. The ones I had where Chinese junk. I took a smart pill this morning, won't be posting here anymore....Tom N4RS

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