[TenTec] FS TT 238A ant tuner and pair of 35M astron power supplies want Astron VS-50M manual

denton sprague denton at oregontrail.net
Sat Feb 1 12:33:35 EST 2014

Time to thing things out a bit…
I have a TT 238A Antenna tuner with manual up for grabs in good condition. Want $280.00 shipped to your qth in lower 48 states. 
Also have a pair of Astron 35M power supplies in good shape…will check out voltage and current meters before ship. Think have manuals for each of them somewhere.
Want $110.00 each shipped to your qth in lower 48 states.
Will take Paypal.
Have a want for an Astron VS-50M manual…cannot find download for manual anywhere online but have schematic.
Thanks de Denton WB7TDG

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