[TenTec] MMRTTY+ Omni 6 question

Carter k8vt at ameritech.net
Tue Feb 4 13:04:32 EST 2014

This may not be the right place to ask, but as there is a lot of 
technical talent here, let me give it a shot...

When I was using the Ka-Gold program and a KAM+ TNC for rag chewing and 
using Writelog for contesting (in all cases using 'true' FSK), once I 
properly tuned in the station and then went to respond (transmit), I was 
automatically netted or on the proper frequency and did not have to use 

Currently I am switching over to using MMRTTY. When I correctly tune in 
a station and then go to respond, I am -not- exactly on the proper 

Omni 6 conditions: FSK mode, 500 Hz filter engaged, pass band tuning 
control between 2 and 3 o'clock (same place it was for years with 
Ka-Gold and Writelog). MMRTTY using EXTFSK for 'true' FSK.

I realize that MMRTTY has a 'net' control but that it is only active if 
you are transmitting AFSK -- and I am not. I also pressed the "HAM" 
button in MMRTTY which sets the shift to 170 Hz and the mark to 2125 Hz, 
but this then makes the received signal go off freq a bit (that is, the 
"cross-pattern" tuning indicator is not giving a cross anymore, have to 
re-tune the receiver and then the copy (and cross) is OK again), but the 
MMRTTY window that formerly read '2125' does not; it reads around  ~ 
1800 -1870 Hz and I am no longer transmitting on the received station's 

Is there something in MMRTTY  that will let me do what I want; that is, 
be automatically netted like in the good old Ka-Gold and Writelog days?

Hopefully I have described the issue properly and someone will have some 
words of wisdom <grin>

73 and thanks in advance,

Carter   K8VT

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