[TenTec] MMRTTY+ Omni 6 question

Carter k8vt at ameritech.net
Tue Feb 4 15:28:17 EST 2014

> On 2/4/2014 10:04 AM, Carter  wrote:
 >> I realize that MMRTTY has a 'net' control but that it is only
 >> active if you are transmitting AFSK -- and I am not. I also pressed
 >> the "HAM" button in MMRTTY which sets the shift to 170 Hz and the
 >> mark to 2125 Hz, but this then makes the received signal go off
 >> freq a bit (that is, the "cross-pattern" tuning indicator is not
 >> giving a cross anymore, have to re-tune the receiver and then the
 >> copy (and cross) is OK again), but the MMRTTY window that formerly
 >> read '2125' does not; it reads around  ~ 1800 -1870 Hz and I am no
 >> longer transmitting on the received station's frequency.

Thanks for the response...and here are a couple of comments on your 

On 2/4/2014 2:35 PM, Jim Brown wrote:

> In FSK mode, the TX frequency  does NOT track MMTTY's AFC.

This is true -- but I am a true FSK believer. Possibly, as an 
-extremely- new user of MMTTY and not knowing why AFC is needed, I speak 
from a position of ignorance, but most transceivers built in the last 15 
years or so seem quite stable. In years of using Ka-Gold and Writelog 
I've never said "Gee, I wish I had AFC".

>BUT --
 > there are many settings in MMTTY that we can change to suit our
 > needs. For example, we can change the HAM defaults to whatever we
 > want -- I set mine for low tones (915 Hz mark), which I find easier
 > on the ears, and also easier to tune in by ear.

Maybe you've given me an answer. Now that I know that the HAM feature is 
adjustable, maybe I can set it to around 1800 Hz (or whatever my magic 
number happens to be) to get me back to the equivalent of simplex.

> I use MMTTY with AFSK
 > and VOX, feeding the sound card to the line input of my radio (a K3).
 > In AFSK mode, we can turn AFC and NET on and off independently.

 > Most serious RTTY operators who use AFSK turn AFC and RIT off when
 > calling a station, and use RIT or AFC when calling CQ.

Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer to use true FSK rather than 
AFSK to avoid the dreaded and accidental condition of overdrive. Also, 
after being spoiled by years of true simplex with Ka-Gold and Writelog, 
using RIT would seem like a step backwards for me.

Thanks again for your comments and maybe changing the HAM default will 
do the trick!

Carter   K8VT

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