[TenTec] Eagle VFO Knob Friction or Dragging

Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
Sun Feb 16 17:50:44 EST 2014

Finally got around to doing what I said. It warmed up today and I pulled the Eagle out of the truck and into the shop.

The VFO knob:  
Remove the rubber ring which easily slips off.  If this ring gets pushed back toward the front panel in handling it can come in contact with the front panel causing uneven rotation or excessive drag.  Also, loosen the set screw with the Tentec supplied Allen wrench and pull the knob forward or off of the shaft.  You will find a bushing in the front panel.  This bushing extends past the front panel about 1/16" or less.  While the knob may clear the front panel, it may not be clear of the bushing.  This can cause drag.   I did notice on my unit that the encoder shaft has a small amount of in and out play, +/- 1/32" or so.  When replacing the knob, be sure that the knob does not contact the bushing when a slight amount of inward pressure is placed on the knob.  Make sure the set screw is tight and replace the rubber outer ring.

The other dual shaft knobs:
The inner or smaller knob has a set screw to holds it to the shaft.  I found the larger/outer knob does have a bit of in and out play or slip on the shaft.  I did not find that the outer knob ever contacted the front panel.  I did find that if the inner knob / smaller one is pushed all the way in it has the possibility of contacting the outer knob thus when turning one, the other may turn.  If this is the case, then loosen the set screw on the smaller or inner knob and slip it forward or a bit further off of the shaft to assure it does not contact the outer knob.  

The MULTI knob;
Same applies as to the VFO knob except there is no rubber ring.  

While I've done this, I'm not sure how I feed about suggesting any type of lubricant on the shaft of the VFO encoder and the MULTI encoder.  However, with the radio vertical and the VFO and MULTI knobs removed, I did apply sparingly ONE DROP of a plant based oil to each shaft where it exits the bushing on the front panel.  Then with the fingers, exercise by rotating the shaft.  Do not use an excessive amount of oil and do wipe away any excess.  The product I used is ULTRA Lube 4X.  This product is comprised of high OLEIC soy plant base oil, which is non-toxic and is a biodegradable oil.  Distributed by Plews-LubrMatic, Dixon IL.  I purchased mine at Lowe's.   Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should one use LPS or WD-40 or like lubricant!  It will EAT the plastic!

Hope this helps.

Bob, K4TAX

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