[TenTec] In praise of older technology

Carl Moreschi n4py3 at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 22 21:14:03 EST 2014

Year's ago I also had a Gonset GSB-100.  It was a great radio and I 
worked lots of DX with it's 60 watts.  I used it with a Collins 75A1. 
That was my first real station back in 1976.

Carl Moreschi N4PY
58 Hogwood Rd
Louisburg, NC 27549

On 2/22/2014 8:12 PM, Steve Berg wrote:
> As part of my collection, I have Drake 2B receiver and a Gonset GSB100
> phasing exciter. One night I wound up in a round table with a bunch of
> HiFi SSB aficionados 0n 40 meters. These guys were running advanced
> equalizers and high-end microphones. Then had the latest Oriental
> Transceivers. They even had audio spectrum analyzers to check out each
> others signals. So, I asked for an evaluation, and they were quite
> complimentary. So, they asked what I was running, and I told them a 1957
> vintage phasing exciter with a D104 mic. They were amazed! Sure, it
> drifts, and it is hard to get it right on frequency by zerobeating the
> receiver BFO with the carrier on the exciter. But it is a lot of fun to
> use.
> Steve WA9JML
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