[TenTec] In praise of older technology

Steve Berg wa9jml at frontier.com
Sat Feb 22 23:37:34 EST 2014

I had a CE 100V that I bought from a local estate sale, but I never had 
the time to fix it.  It got swapped for a hefty Tek dual beam 
oscilloscope to a member of the Boatanchors List.  The Gonset exciter I 
have is pretty much mint, but it also had a blown power transformer, 
which is pretty common with them.  I adapted a new power transformer I 
bought from the outfit in El Paso, and it has worked fine ever since.

I initially bought my Corsair II to use as an IF for my VHF 
transverters, but once I tried it on HF, it has been in constant use 
ever since, and my best Argonaut II is the IF rig of choice.

I had the factory rebuild the PTOs in both the rig and the external VFO 
a while back, and they are working great.  The Corsair II has an 
incredible receiver, and it worked a lot better than my Omni V.9.  I use 
it with the Ten Tec RF Speech Clipper, and a 238C tuner, with my trap 
vertical, and it gets out really well.

I also use the Argonaut VI, and have had a fine time working the W1AW 
Centennial stations with it this week.

It is nice that Ten Tec supports their older radios so well!


Steve WA9JML

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