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I recently got back into ham radio after being away for about 20 years .  I have been licensed since the early 1970's and really enjoyed all the old gear back then.  My first receiver was a Hallicarafters ( I don't remember what model) and a Johnson Viking transmitter.  The receiver would drift but it didn't matter much to me..I would touch it up every so often.  Amateur radio is supposed to be fun, not work, not an obsession to drive your friends and on-the-air contacts crazy.  I have owned all sorts of rigs from Collins S-Lines, Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, Heathkit and Ten Tec. I recently resurrected an old set of Heathkit Twins and I'm having a blast.  Bought an Argonaut 505 and a Triton IV from fleabay and have them on the air now. It is amusing to me to listen to ssb qso's where they go on and on about their computer controlled remote stations that they operate from the vacation sites and all the menus they have to access to change a parameter on their rigs. I contacted an old cw friend of mine recently, and he told me he had to go through 11 steps just to adjust minor functions on his new rig..I laughed and told him I would sell him a real radio whenever he got tired of that one !  Would you walk up to a beautiful woman and tell her her voice was a bit annoying...I prefer to enjoy the view ! :)

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On 2/23/2014 10:44 PM, k6jek wrote:
 What does a 15 Hz difference sound like?
	to this one.

 That's when we cringe at the ball park because the singer
an't make it to Rocket's Red Glare -- painfully flat.

		Sorry... that is ME on all singing notes...
		and is why I play guitar, and NEVER, ever
		sing in the band.   Not even harmony...
		The said they would revoke my union card...
			"Don't tell Petrillo... "

ot me but I know a guy ...)

			Great Reference !

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