[TenTec] In praise of older technology

Pete Ferrand petef at sprynet.com
Tue Feb 25 11:51:21 EST 2014

Hey Doug:

Now that you mentioned this, I'm curious. Could you share details on how you built the condensor mics? Or did you take a mic out of a cassette recorder and mount it in a case?

As to the rest of this thread, I'll point out there are many important characteristics of a good microphone besides linear frequency response over a specified bandwidth. Articulation is one of them, as it directionality in three dimensions, self noise, distortion, and many others. Additionally many commercial recording mics have designed in boosts in some part of the spectrum to enhance vocal performances and cut through the noise of the band. It's a huge topic.

Somers, WI

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>Being the owner of a recording studio  as well as a ham for over 40 years, I can verify that cost has very little to do with frequency response and audio quality of most microphones.  I have built condensor mics costing only a few dollars that perform as well as $500.00 microphones.  

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