[TenTec] for sale in Israel 544 (Triton IV Digital)

geoffrey mendelson geoffreymendelson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 00:36:26 EST 2014

Some small changes to yesterday's post.

For sale in Israel, TenTec Triton IV DIgital HF transceiver.
80/40/20/15/10 meter coverage (all 4 10 meter crystals are present).
Just so that everyone understands, it is an ANALOG tuning (PTO) radio
with a digital display.

Aluminum case (not the older beige).

CW filter installed.

No idea if a noise blanker is installed or not, and no real way to test it.

Slightly dusty, a few dings and scratches.

In good working order, but the switches, etc may need to be worked a few
times to get everything back to normal.

Includes (will not split up) 262G power supply (120 volt version),
External VFO (saggy dial cord),
Model 247 tuner (no meters, use the one in the radio).

Paper copy of the manual (from TenTec).

Does not include a key or microphone.

Power cord is part of the power supply. If you want to use another
supply, you will have to get your own power cord.

Asking 1600 NIS ($450).

I am willing to entertain serious offers, i.e. from someone who knows or looked up what they sell for, how much it would cost to ship, etc.

Must be picked up in east Jerusalem. If you are not in Israel, you have
to arrange for someone to pick it up (and pay for it) and ship it at
your expense and risk.

Israeli buyers must show proof of a class A,B, or C with HF license
(sorry, that's the law).


Geoffrey S. Mendelson 4X1GM/N3OWJ
Jerusalem Israel.

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