[TenTec] In praise of older technology AM transmit with Ten Tecrigs

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Thu Feb 27 05:05:22 EST 2014

My experience using the Omni VII on AM parallels Bob's story.

I have used the Omni VII to check into a long standing group of AM hams 
who mostly live in and around Chicago, and they say my Omni VII sounds 
great.  I generally use a headset (AtudioTechnica BPHS-1 or a Shure 
SM-2) with no EQ on transmit or receive.   Bass roll-off is about 225 Hz 
-- exactly the same as what I run on SSB and they say I sound really good.

I also follow Bob's technique of tuning in SSB, but I tune at a bit 
lower power than he states, and simply switch to AM when it is my turn, 
and that is it, nothing more.  It is a lot of fun because these are some 
of the most courteous hams I have ever met on the air.

I follow Bob's technique... as he was one of the few hams who did not 
blow me off when I was a really new ham and needed a less technical 
explanation of how to use the amp properly.   Good teachers can explain 
stuff on many levels.  But I won't say more, lest he blush.

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On 2/25/2014 5:27 PM, Bob McGraw - K4TAX wrote:

> I find that my Omni VII on AM sounds quite good.

I run the Omni VII at about 20 watts out as that is adequate to drive 
the amp to about 200 watts of carrier or
> about 800 watts PEP.
> Speaking of amps on AM.  First one should tune the amp to full rated
> output using the  TUNE mode typically at 100 watts and then switch to
> the AM mode on the radio.

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