[TenTec] In praise of older technology AM transmit with TenTec rigs

Ed Purvis wa4njy at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 27 11:22:16 EST 2014

The Eagle seems to be a Ferrari with roll-up windows.

The OMNI VII (had one) is a Mustang with nice options.

Best analogy I can muster now.


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You won't find a simpler rig to use that rates high on Rob's list for receiver performance, and that is the Eagle.  It's so simple, that when I got mine I actually went through "Knob Withdrawal" in that I started second guessing if I made the right decision.  You look at the radio, and it does what you want it to do, but has so few buttons or knobs that you ask yourself, "did I over pay for this box?"  It just goes to show you how programmed we've become with the marketing hype in Ham Radio.

The Eagle isn't for everyone, but it's a great mobile, or great home based radio if you realize, it's not designed to be a contest class radio even though the receiver is contest class grade.  It's a top notch radio inside a box with simple controls for those who might use it in an RV, or mobile in a car, and for rag chewers, general ops. IMO


- R. Eric Sluder 


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>The Omni VII discussion is very informative. I need encouragement when it comes to accepting the ergonomics of most modern rigs. The FT450 felt like I was burned with its horrible menu system. I actually prefer the FT857D... But anything like the TS590 is just not going to work here. The OMNI VII arrangement sounds far more practical than most menu controlled rigs.
>Best regards - Bry Carling AF4K
>> On Feb 27, 2014, at 6:31 AM, Richards <jrichards at k8jhr.com> wrote:
>> On 2/26/2014 6:13 PM, R. Eric Sluder - W9WLW wrote:
>> I see where even on the new and highly touted TS-590 you do some serious button pushing too.
>>        I have a TS-590 and the Omni VII in my shack.
>>        I like both radios, but I prefer operating the
>>        Omni VII.  It is not so much the multiple pressing
>>        of buttons, as the fact the display only shows
>>        one menu item at a time, so you either press
>>        several buttons to adjust several things, or you
>>        must work the multi knob and scroll through like
>>        87 or more items sequentially to get what you want,
>>        which is NOT as quick and easy as looking at a
>>        list of 18 or 19 items at once, and quickly scrolling
>>        to the one you want.   Remembering the menu item
>>        numbers on the 590 is not as easy as just looking
>>        at a menu list and seeing what you want among
>>        the rest all at once.   (hard to describe...hopefully
>>        you get the gist. )
>>        menu item at a time
>>        I will send Brian a comparison piece I wrote
>>        that compares how stuff gets done with each
>>        rig and maybe that will help him judge for
>>        himself.    It IS a valid inquiry!
>>> The single tree menu in the Omni VII software is sweet.... you're not trying to go thru layers of menu settings.
>>        Amen.   The only way to get that sort of
>>        convenience in setting features is to use
>>        the ARCP-590 software.   I really like the
>>        Omni VII simple menu when I am in a hurry
>>        like during a contest or when trying to catch
>>        rare DX before the pile ensues, and I find
>>        the Omni VII menu way easier to navigate in
>>        a hurry like that.  You have to use the ARCP
>>        software to get anything close to a single
>>        menu.   The 590 has like 87 menu items
>>        and the Omni VII about half that number
>>        with 18 or 19 showing at any one time.
>>        I like both radios, but the Omni is easier to
>>        run, I think, than the 590.
>>        The Omni VII buttons are larger, with more space
>>        between them.   The features you change most
>>        encircle the main display.  The concept is easy.
>>        You press the feature you want, and adjust it with
>>        the Multi Knob.  That is the basic plan... select
>>        and adjust.   If you want to adjust another feature,
>>        just select it by pressing its front panel button
>>        and adjust the value with the multi knob.
>>        Once you get onto that procedure, it all sorta works
>>        the same way.  (OK... there might be an exception
>>        or two, but that is the gist of the process.)
>> Just MY take.
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