[TenTec] In praise of older technology AM transmitwithTenTecrigs

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Thu Feb 27 16:21:58 EST 2014

On 2/27/2014 7:44 AM, Barry N1EU wrote:
> As far as the menu ergonomics, if the Omni VII is anything like the Orion
> (I believe it is), it's the easiest to use menu system I've ever
> encountered on an hf radio.

		It is even easier.   The Orion has multiple
		menus broken up on logical groupings and has
		many more features, settings, and controls to
		futz with.   The Omni VI has something like
		45 +/- items in a single list you scroll through
		and can see like 18 items at a time.

		Piece of pie to operate.  If what you want does
		not have a dedicated button on the screen, then
		it is quickly found in the menu.

		My ONLY complaint is they did not group similar
		or related functions together as it would have
		been even easier had they put all Transmit
		controls in one block, skipped a line and put
		all receiver controls in another block, and
		maybe separated the CW specific controls in a
		third block,  and so on.  Use the one level
		menu or a button and multi-knob on the front
		panel.  Easy.

> As far as the roofing filter - you really only need this IMHO if you're
> doing cw contesting.

		Not sure I agree with some of the others who
		say roofing filters and etc. only matter in a
		contest or for CW.  I an NCS for a weekly
		Brand X transceiver owner's net, and there are
		times when stations crowd us on either side of
		our usual net frequency, and sometimes it is
		easier to pare down the pass band with the filter
		scheme until I cannot hear them on either side.
		This happens a lot, actually, either from some
		guy having a super wide signal 3 MHz above us,
		or if he is just 1.5 MHz below us... and (of
		course) he is always loud.  I am disinclined
		to slide up and ask him to QSY a skosh, so I
		just narrow the filters and drive on.  I am sure
		there is a better plan...but that usually works
		for me.

		So, unless I misunderstand the point, I think
		these things do matter in more mundane circumstances
		than contesting and crowded CW conditions.

		He said... donning his Teflon Suit...    ;-)   ;-)

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