[TenTec] Before I call Ten Tec . . .

Jim Goudie JAGoudie at comcast.net
Mon Mar 3 22:04:24 EST 2014


Enter into this at your own risk ;-)

I have an Omni VI opt 3 with a couple problems :-).  I've taken it apart, poked around with my limited skills and VTVM.  Resistance checks on the power transistors seemed ok.  R5 on the DC Input board (.015 ohms) checks ok and the voltage is ok.  I've exercised the connectors and put Deoxit on them...  But my problems persist as my ability to track them down doesn't.

Here are the two problems -- may be related and may not -- and some of what I have observed...

1.  I was on the air sending cw when all of a sudden my power dropped to 0.
     On all bands I get no power out.
     The ALC light is on at Minimum Pwr setting (in Tune)
     The ALC light goes out as the Pwr control is increased past the 9:00 position
     Still no power.

     I can hear the driver in another receiver; there is a signal going to the PA
     When the ALC light goes out, as above,
       I hear a second higher tone in the other receiver in addition to the main carrier freq
       like something is going into oscillation...
     The signal from the driver is keyed properly on CW.

     On receive, the power supply shows about 1.5 amps being drawn
     On "Tune" it goes up to about 2.5 amps... 
	with no change as I increase the power control

     I also tried using a microphone;  no power, no response...

2.  On receive I only hear signals/noise via antenna, on 80, 15, and 10 meters.
    On these three bands, the PBT works normally; 
       switching to the rcv antenna (with none connected) cuts out the received noise
    On the other bands, the PBT makes no difference in the noise heard,
       and switching to the rcv antenna makes no difference either.

     For some reason the signal at the antenna only gets through on 3 bands.

Any tips, advice, before I call Ten Tec?  I have very limited test equipment!

Tnx & 73
Jim, AF3Z

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