[TenTec] Help needed with Paragon II alignment

Mark Kenward k8vf_mark at centurytel.net
Tue Mar 25 19:59:38 EDT 2014


I recently got a Paragon II and it was out of adjustment. (Formerly belonged to Federal Highway Dept?)

I set BFO's as well as possible.

Basically has to set fsk bfo's off a bit to get the LSB/USB/and CW Transmit to be on freq. Which they now are. I dont use FSK.

Set reference oscillator frequency.

NOW, the rig works fine on transmit and receive, BUT:

tx/rx are right on freq at 10 mHz.

BELOW 10 mHz I am 10-30 Hz high.

ABOVE 10 mHz I am 10-30 Hz low.

The off set starts at -30 at 160 mtrs, closer as you go up in freq, till 10 mHz, then drops about 10 cycles more per band  as you go up to 10 meters.

Obviously I have something buggered up.

The only other thing I adjusted was to set the PBT, which shouldnt affect this, I do not believe.

The rig is rock solid, and doesn't drift, so I would like to get it spot on.

Can anyone help me here?


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