[TenTec] Corsair II noise blanker

paulpolace wn8qhf at wowway.com
Sat Mar 29 18:34:45 EDT 2014

Correct Rick!

The topic is NB... NOT... NR.

Hard to believe or understand... yet my Century-22 actually handles noise 
better than the Omni VII, and were going way back.
Could the variable 8-pole bandpass filter been designed so well that it 
accounted for such noise as well? or possibly just my experiences.

The Eagle here also does a better job than the Omni VII.

Interesting the NB in My Kenwood TS-590 works unbelievably well, yet the 
design on that one allows a variable user interface to set accordingly.

Also Good Info there N6KB

-73-  -DX-


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> Correct, but the topic was NB, not NR.
> The Eagle's NB is better than the OM7's.
> The reverse is true for NR.
> 73 - Rick, DJ0IP
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> I like the NR in the Omni VII much better than the one in the Eagle.  The
> audio characteristics in the Eagle change dramatically in SSB and AM 
> modes.
> On March 29, 2014 12:22:06 AM EDT, K8JHR <jrichards at k8jhr.com> wrote:
> |Ken and Bob -
> |
> |Man... thanks - exactly the sort of explanation I wish they would put
> |in user manuals for guys like me who are not radio engineers.
> |
> |Sidebar --
> |
> |There is an on-going debate on a Brand X radio forum, whether one NB
> |(and/or NR) circuit is better than another.  The answer seems to be:
> |"it depends" on the type of noise, and how it interacts with the
> |desired signal.
> |
> |My Take --
> |
> |Satisfaction with NR and NB is entirely dependent on one's
> |expectations, generally, and one's tolerance of the necessary tradeoff
> |between
> |intelligibility and audio quality.   I am a fan of both internal and
> |outboard DSP noise filters, but I know greater intelligibility comes
> |with a price in lower audio quality.
> |
> |On the Brand X forum, some operators expect clean, pure, audiophile
> |results after scrubbing and scouring with NR, NB, and related tools.
> |Unfortunately, there just ain't no free lunches these days.
> |
> |Wish List Item --
> |
> |I like the NR on my Omni VII, although I preferred how it worked in
> |earlier firmware.  (I am less enamored with the NR on my Orion II.)
> |
> |Too bad we cannot select feature updates from a smorgasbord of firmware
> |
> |versions, sort of a mix-n-match thing.  Now, THAT would be cool.   (I
> |can, however, just imagine the programming nightmare THAT might entail!
> |
> | We would be visiting John Henry in the looney bin sooner than later!)
> |     ;-)
> |
> |Just My take.
> |
> |------------------------ K8JHR  ------------------

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