[TenTec] Crowbar kit for 252/262 power supply

Al Gulseth wb5jnc at centurytel.net
Sun Aug 2 19:35:10 EDT 2015


The OVP is not "rocket science" so to speak - it's just a zener diode, a 
heavy-duty SCR of the proper rating, a fuse, and a few passive components. It 
should be fairly easy to build one on a breadboard or in a small external 
enclosure along the lines of the 1150 (if I remember the model # correctly.) 
There may be a scan of the crowbar manual/schematic floating around 
somewhere, or otherwise you could clone the crowbar circuit from the Astron 
RS-20 series. (It's a variant of the circuit TT used.)

73, Al

On Sun August 2 2015 6:09:25 pm A R wrote:
>    Does anyone have a TT overvoltage crowbar kit for a 252/262 PS that they
> never got around to installing? Haven't checked for availability from TT,
> but have to believe they're LONG ago obsoleted and not available. If you've
> got one, please reply off list.
> TNX es 73,
> Allen--W7GIF
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